Who Is the Prime Minister of South Africa?


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Leaders of South Africa
Chief: President Jacob Zuma
Head: President Jacob Zuma
The national Parliament is bicameral. The National Assembly consists of 400 members, elected directly by the people for a five-year term.
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South Africa no longer has a prime minister, but rather it has a president. The office of Prime Minister was abolished in 1984. The last holder was Pieter Willen Botha. The position
The Prime Minister was the Head of Government. Recently, this has c...
Following the end of the Boer War in 1910, Louis Botha, a Boer, became the 1st prime minister of South Africa. Nelson Mandela was President from 94-99.
Verwoerd was shot by a white farmer David Pratt. and recovered, despite being shot in the face twice. Pratt was declared insane. He was finally assassinated by Tsafendas in 1966.
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The position of Prime Minister in South Africa was abolished in 1984. After adopting a new constitution the State President was given executive powers so today, the country has no prime minister.
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