Who Is the Rain Man?


The rain man refers to a demonic spirit or fallen angel. The phrase is used in many parts across Europe and America to directly refer to the devil. The phrase caused a lot of controversy when Jay z used it in the song Run This Town.
Q&A Related to "Who Is the Rain Man"
The rain man is the devil. He runs the music industry and most pop singers like Rihanna have to give up their souls to him to be famous. They are his servants. They are called Freemasons
The 1988 film Rain Man starred Dustin Hoffman as Raymond Babbitt (Rain Man) and Tom
Pygmies are hunter gatherers who live the rain forests of Central Africa. Pygmies are divided into different groups including the Baka, Bakola, Babongo, Aka and Bambuti. They're traditionally
Barry Morrow (story) Ronald Bass (screenplay)
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