Who Made the First Kite?


The first kite was made by philosopher named Mo Di (468-376 BC), who lived on Mount Lu about 2,300 years ago. His kites were made using silk and bamboo cane and his first kite to fly it for just one day. Kites were unknown in Europe for centuries until Marco Polo introduced them after from his travels to the East. Since then kites have been used for all kinds of scientific and military purposes.
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Because no one had anything better to do and it kills time and it was used in modern ware far for transmitting raideo signals. Kites were also used to measure wind and weather conditions
Some people think that kites were being flown in China as long ago as 1000 BC. BUt
Kites require lightweight, but strong twine, as well as paper or tightly-woven cloth to fly. Kites typically consist of one or more spars (sticks) to which the paper or fabric sail
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