Who Makes Definity Tires?


Pep Boys makes Definity Tires. This is Pep Boys' own brand of generic, discount tires that are made for sedans, SUVs and trucks.
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I was told by Pep Boys that the tires are made by Cooper. Recently, I had a blow-out in a rural area about 200 miles from home, and Pep Boys was the first place I found. Since the
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There is Affinity Tires. They are made by Firestone.
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Information on who makes Definity tires is easily available for owners. Cooper Tire and Rubber company produces this brand for Pep Boys, which is the only place that offers the brand.
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Definity tires are one of Pep Boys proprietary brand of tires. It is its featured product line, and Definity tires are premium quality and a good value.The line ...
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