Who Makes Foray Pens?


Foray Pens are a brand that is exclusive to the store, Office Depot. The distributing company that makes Foray Pens is Swinton Avenue Trading Ltd., Inc. The Foray brand is very affordable.
Q&A Related to "Who Makes Foray Pens?"
Is Foray a brand exclusive to office depot.
Foray is an Office Depot brand pen. You can find them at any office depot around the country.
1. Unscrew the Foray pen over the paper. The paper is handy should you drop a spring as it provides a useful background to find any dropped parts. 2. Pull the two Foray Multicolor
put a cup of water with it in the water and put it in the microwave for 30 seconds, this will heat up the ink and let it flow :)
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