Who Makes Ilo TV?


The iLO television is manufactured by the Funai Corporation. The television sets produced by this company have a number of interesting features and great picture as well as sound.
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I have Ilo Television and my paperwork that came with it says it is made by Funai corp. I have checked to make sure that their website is still working and it is. They also manufacture
iLO is just a "house brand" name that Walmart uses for different home electronic items made by various manufacturers. Some iLO TVs that Walmart has sold were made by Funai
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In the past, ILO televisions were a Wal-Mart store brand. A number of companies manufactured the televisions. Funai made some of the televisions and Orion made others. Wal-Mart no longer carries the ILO brand and there is no website for the brand. As of May 25, 2013, ILO televisions do not appear to be available in any stores or on any websites. There are used ILO televisions for sale on popular online auction sites. There was dissatisfaction with the brand by many consumers.
ILo brand televisions are sold by Wal Mart under their consumer house brand. Research shows that they are probably manufactured in China but it is unclear by which company.
The iLo television is made by Funai Corporation. It is manufactured in China, and it was originally made for Walmart stores in the United States and Canada.
Ilo televisions are made in China by Funai Corp. I've heard it referred as the house tv of Walmart and it has a lot of problems. Looks like it may be a cheap tv that you want to avoid.
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