Who makes Nitto tires?


The Nitto company makes Nitto tires directly. The Nitto Tire company, founded in 1949, continues to make lightweight tires for all types of cars and trucks.

Nitto Tire manufactures products for people who are enthusiastic about their vehicles. The company uses forecasting to anticipate emerging trends before they become mainstream.

Nitto Tire boasts that its tire sizing, tread patterns and tire compounds pair modern aesthetics with cutting-edge technology to create some of the most unique tires on the market. Nitto tires go through quality engineering and rigorous testing before they hit the market.

Tires from Nitto Tire are available for purchase from dealers around the country.

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Nitto (pronounced knee-toe) offers enthusiasts the best in high performance
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Nitto tires are made in Japan. There are many subdivisions of the tire factories throughout the world, especially in the United States. The Japanese company in ...
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