Who Makes the Best AR 15?


It is a matter of opinion as to what gun manufacturer makes the best AR 15 rifle. Most would say that Colt makes the best version. The AR 15 was created by Eugene Stoner in the Vietnam era.
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"Best" is mostly a matter of opinion, but. Not long ago the answer would've been "Stick to the ABC's" (Armalite, Bushmaster, and Colt) These days, with over 40
Bushmaster, You can piece together your AR-15 just how you like it. As light or and heavy
1. Get a good cleaning kit designed specifically for your rifle. It should contain lubricant, cleaning rods, bore brush and cleaning clothes. It is also good to buy silicone wipes
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Before, the best maker of AR-15 rifle is the Colt Manufacturing. In this 20th century, there are lots of manufacturer that produces AR-15 rifles. These are the DPMS Panther Arms, Bushmaster Manufacturing, Olympic Arms and Ruger Arms Manufacturing.
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Many people feel that the best AR 15 lower receivers are made by bushmaster. This is a brand that is respected. Colt is also a good one according to many enthusiasts ...
AR 15 refers to an ArmaLite Model 15; a semi-automatic rifle that is quite common as it is owned by many. The gun is on the 7.62 mm AR-10, which was created by ...
Make sure that the Ar 15 is unloaded and all rounds are removed before you take it apart. To take it apart you need to push the rear take down pin through the ...
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