Who Offers Refund Anticipation Loans?


A refund anticipation loan is a short term secured loan by a taxpayer's expected refund. Some of the companies who offer refund anticipation loans are Jackson Hewitt and H & R Block.
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The better question is WHY would you want one? The relative interest rate for these items are like several hundred percent when computed on an Annual Percentage Rate figure. The regular
1. File IRS Form 8633, which is the IRS e-file application. This form will allow you to be a registered tax preparer with the IRS e-file services. This will show a bank that you are
An refund antipation loan or RAL is a method of receiving a Federal income tax refund sooner than it would come to the taxpayer from the IRS. Other common names for this type of transaction
They are short-term cash advances against a customer's
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Refund anticipation loans are those offered by finance companies and other lenders against an anticipated tax return. You will take your copy of your filed income taxes to use as collateral for the loan. Some banks may do this as well as finance companies.
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