Who owns Bright House Networks?


As of 2014, Bright House Networks is owned by Advance Publications. Advance Publications is owned by descendants of founder Samuel Irving Newhouse, Sr.

Bright House Networks was founded in 2003. Although components of the network had previously existed under other names, including Vision Cable and Cable Vision, the current structure was created as a result of a merger between Time Warner Entertainment and Advance/Newhouse. It was then that management of Bright House Networks was placed into the hands of Advance/Newhouse.

The owners of Advance/Newhouse, or Advance Publications, are descendants of Samuel Irving Newhouse, Sr. and his sons, Samuel Newhouse, Jr. and Donald Newhouse. Samuel Newhouse, Sr. founded Advance Publications in 1922.

In 2014, the CEO of Bright House Networks was listed as Steve Miron. Nomi Bergman is listed as the President of Bright House Network. Robert Miron retired as the CEO of Bright House Networks in 2010.

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It is owned by Advance/Newhouse, headquartered in Syracuse, New York.
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