Who owns Poundstretcher?


Poundstretcher is owned by Aziz Tayub, according to the Independent, a British newspaper. Aziz gained ownership after the company was purchased by Seaham Investments, a subsidiary of Crown Crest Group, the food and distribution company run by Aziz and his brother, Rashid.

Seaham Investments acquired Poundstretcher after Aziz took control of the chain in 2010. It was previously a subsidiary of Brown & Jackson, which piloted a major rebranding effort to make the business more contemporary by changing the name of seven outlets to "...instore." However, Brown & Jackson abandoned the idea in 2007 after the new chief executive concluded it wasnt working. Poundstretcher's original founders were Paul Appell and Stephen Fearnley, who established the company in 1981.

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