Who Pays Gift Tax?


The person who is giving the gift usually pays the gift tax, but the person receiving the gift may rarely choose to pay it. The IRS defines a gift as any transfer to another person where money is not received in return. Gifts to ones spouse, a political organization, and school and money expenses are not considered taxable. You can find more information here: www.irs.gov
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Who Pays Gift Tax?
The U.S. government imposes taxes on a wide range of financial activities including transfers of assets or wealth from one person to another. The Internal Revenue Service, or IRS, requires you to pay taxes on gifts. The IRS defines a gift as "any... More »
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The gift donor will need to pay a gift tax. A gift is any transfer to an individual where full consideration is not received in return. Tuition and medical expenses are excluded from gift taxes.
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When one person gives a gift to another, the person who gives the gift, known as the donor, usually must pay the gift tax. The person giving away a significant amount of assets is
1 Understand what gifts are not considered taxable gifts. The federal government does not tax all gifts. Some gifts, which are not taxed, are: Gifts given to your spouse, who is a
Gift tax is a tax that the federal government charges a living person who gives away a large sum of money to another living person. In 2009, the limit you can give away to another
The gift tax rules state that you are entitled to an annual exclusion of $12,000 per recipient. Under gift tax law, you're entitled to present a gift valued at up to $12,000 to any
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The person giving the gift is usually the one who pays taxes on the gift. In some cases, if the parties agree, the recipient will pay the taxes. ...
The person giving the gift is almost always responsible for paying the gift tax unless the recipient agrees to pay it. The gift tax was created to keep people ...
The gift tax donor or donee is paid by a donor usually.A gift tax is a tax imposed on the allocation of ownership of property . In some situations once a donor ...
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