Who's Face Is on the Silver Dollar?


If the dollar is made out of pure silver, it has Lady Liberty on it. There have also been other dollars produced by the United States. Some of these are silver plated. These dollars have had many people featured on them including President Eisenhower, and Susan B. Anthony.
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The face of Lady Liberty is on the 1882 silver dollar.
The main device (primary image) on the coin is that of the head of
1. Look at the date. Any U.S. silver dollars (or even half dollars and dimes) minted before 1964 are silver. From 1964 onward, they are often made of copper-nickel clad. Even the
1. Silver Dollars do grow large and fast so you will probably need a big tank to accommodate them. Because they grow to the size of a dinner plate (8 inches in diameter) a VERY large
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True silver dollars have featured only Lady Liberty. Non-silver, white metal U.S. dollar coins have featured President Eisenhower and Susan B. Anthony.
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