What is the origin of the phrase "resistance is futile"?


The phrase "resistance is futile" comes from the television series "Star Trek: The Next Generation." It is a line repeatedly spoken by the Borg, a powerful race of cybernetic humanoids bent on "assimilating" intelligent species into their "collective."

The Borg first appeared in "Star Trek: The Next Generation" but have also been seen in other "Star Trek" series as well as in the film "Star Trek: First Contact." They have a collective consciousness and intelligence and generally do not think or act as individuals. They are numerous and powerful, often conquering entire civilizations to assimilate them into their collective.

"Resistance is futile" is a line often spoken by the Borg as a warning to those they are preparing to assimilate. In popular culture, the phrase has been used to describe any situation in which a powerful organization seeks to impose its will on those who are less powerful, especially if it does so in a blunt and forceful manner.

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The words "Resistance is futile" is a catch phrase used by the Borg of the Star Trek
“Resistance is futile” by Locutus of Borg
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