Who Said Time and Tide Wait for No Man?


It is uncertain who came up with the phrase 'tide and time wait for no man'. The earliest record is seen to be from St. Marher, 1225. The original version is 'tide nor time tarrieth no man' and it means time is precious and should not be wasted because no one is powerful to stop time from running.
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St. Marher in 1225. St. Marher is the "earliest known record" but declares the actual origin as "ancient" and "uncertain"
No one is so powerful that they can stop the march of time. Origin The origin is uncertain, although it's clear that the phrase is ancient and that it predates modern English. The
Le train n'attend personne ! (this is a french expression for time) It is a french negation. General rule is NE.PAS. But there are other kind of negation. http://www.french.hku.hk
A man used the bathroom, as a bathroom. I'm sorry; what is the problem here? If you need a bathroom which has never been used before, don't stand at the door of one which is currently
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