Who Said We Are Not Amused?


We are not amused was attributed to Queen Victoria by Caroline Holland in Notebooks of a Spinster Lady, 1919. Holland indicates that Victoria made the comment in 1900, but she does not give details of the circumstances.
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what does it mean A quotation, attributed to Queen Victoria. This quotation was attributed to Queen Victoria by Caroline Holland in 'Notebooks of a Spinster Lady', published in 1919
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http://en.wikiquote.org/wiki/Victoria_of… "We are not amused". This quotation is attributed to Victoria, with varying stories. One has her saying it after viewing
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It is attested by Caroline Holand that Queen Victoria said 'We are not amused' in the year 1900. This quotation was attributed to the Queen in the Notebook of ...
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I am not amused. The above answer is ambiguous as there is no evidence that she actually said it. One thing she did say was: "The important thing is not what ...
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