Who Sang Crystal Chandelier?


'Crystal Chandeliers' is a classic country song sung by Charlie Pride and written by Ted Harris in 1965. The song is also said to have been recorded by Carl Belew the same year. You can get the lyrics to the song by visiting sites such as jilldaniels and classic-country-song-lyrics.
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Charlie Pride.
The wifes favourite song by her favourite singer. Charley Pride. I believe it was more popular here than US. Mickey & griff and others as well
"Crystal Chandeliers" is a song by Carl Belew. It came out in 1965. Ted Harris wrote the song.
Pride Charlie. Thank you for using ChaCha!
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The song crystal chandelier was sung by Charley Pride. The song is said to have been written by Ted Harris 1965. The song or its lyrics can be downloaded form the internet.
Ted harris wrote 'crystal chandeliers' in 1965. Carl Belew recorded the song that same year then it stayed dormant for two years, almost unheard of, until Charlie pride recorded it in 1967. 'Crystal chandeliers' shot to the top of the country music charts worldwide.
The song 'Crystal Chandeliers' was sung by Charlie Pride. Her love for her high society friends than the man that loved her made her sing the song. It is believed that it was more popular in the UK than it was in the USA.
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