Who sang "He's Got the Whole World in his Hands"?


'He's Got the Whole World in His Hands' has been sung by numerous artists like Mahalia Jackson, Sisters of Glory and Marian Anderson. Obie Phillis wrote this song. The most popular version of it is probably by Laurie London and the Geoff Love Orchestra in 1958.
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laurie london-1958.
The song entitled He's Got the Whole World In His
Laurie London sang it back in 1958. But, I'm afraid my memory ain't as good as it used to be, since I became such an old timer. You young wipper snapper, you ain't had it so good
omg i remember that song!! we were made to sing that in Assembly in school when we were little!! a few differant people sing it, i think its nat stuckey - he's got the whole world
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The song He's got the whole world in his hands is a spiritual that was written an Indian Cherokee named Obie Philpot. Obie Philpot wrote the spiritual song while serving in WWII. Since then, it has been sung by many other artists in many churches all over the world.
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