Who Sang Love Hurts?


The song love hurts was a song done by many artistes but the two most remembered were the ones done by Nazareth in 1976 and the other was done by the Everly brothers in 1960 which was considered to be the original.
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The original singer of Love Hurts was the Everly Brothers. They recorded this haunting song in 1960. Roy Orbison, Emmylou Harris, and Cher have also recorded this song.
Nazareth sang Love Hurts. It's on the Hair Of The Dog Album.
Nazareth, Jennifer Love Hewitt, Jon B, Roy Orbison, Joan Jett, Cory Hart, Hall & Oates,
Johnny Lee got his start playing covers in bars. The artist Johnny Lee was the man who sang the country song, "Lookin' For Love. Born John Lee Ham on July 3, 1946, in Texas City
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Tonight we drink to youth
And holding fast to truth
Don't want to lose what I had as a boy
My heart still has a beat
But love is now a feat... More >>
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