Who Sang Silhouettes on the Shade?


The song 'Silhouettes on the Shade' was written by Bob Crewe. The song was officially titled 'Silhouettes', and was performed by the group the 'Rays' in 1957.
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Cliff Richard cha cha
Simon & Garfunkel released Hazy Shade of Winter in 1966. in 1987 The Bangles rereleased it.
A great trivia question is "What work of Johann Sebastian Bach did they use for the tune of 'Whiter Shade of Pale' The answer is: none. They composed it themselves, although
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To my knowledge, Silhouettes on the Shade was sung by Herman's Hermits along with a few others. Now with that being said, this song was first performed by The Rays back in 1957. The official title of this song is Silhouettes. You can find more information at en.wikipedia.org
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