Original Singer of Unchained Melody?


Unchained Melody was a popular song in 1955 who's music was by Alex North and the lyrics were done by Hy Zaret. Over 500 versions have come up but it is one of the most recorded songs of the 20th century. The North used it in 1955 as the theme song for the film Unchained. The Righteous Brothers released the single in 1965 and it hit the UK chart at number 14 and the US chart at number 4
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Al Hibbler was the first vocalist to record Unchained Melody, although the
Todd Duncan in the 1950s prison movie "Unchained" Al Hibbler had the first Billboard charted stand alone release and over 300covers have been professionally recorded including
A whole lot of people -- this is one of the most covered songs in history with over 500 different versions! It was written in 1955 for a movie called "Unchained" (hence,
Alex North and Hy Zaret were the writers. Todd Duncan sang it.
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The lyrics to the song Unchained Melody were written by Hy Zaret in 1936, its music written by Alex North and the song was first sung by musician Al Hibbler. The song has since been released 800 times.
Todd Duncan originally sang Unchained Melody in the film Unchained. The song reflects the mood of the prisoners as time passes. Alex North wrote the music and Hy Zaret wrote the lyrics. The Righteous Brothers later released the song in 1965 on an album with the same title.
Unchained melody is 1955 hit song that was written by Alex North and Hey Zaret with the theme for the obscure prison film Unchained. It was released as instrumental version by Todd Duncan who sang the vocals on the film sound track.
Unchained Melody is a 1955 popular song which was formally done by Alex North and lyrics by Hy Zaret. It is believed to be one of the most recorded songs of the 20th century, by some counts having spawned over five hundred versions in 100’s of different languages.
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