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Word Up, was sung by Cameo band which was a popular Funk band in the '70s and '80s. This hit fused their Funk setting with elements of rap, giving them a big hit. Cameo’s leader Larry Blackmon got the idea for the guttural vocal from Sly Stone, who is one of his heroes.
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Smile an everlasting smile
A smile could bring you near to me
Don't ever let me find you gone
'Cause that would bring a tear to me
This world has ... More >>
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The Bee Gees (Barry sang 'Words,' a ballad Elvis is recording) in 1968.
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WORD-UP was sung by a group that was very popular in he early 80's called CAMEO! This old school boy band had such unique tone and look that they ended up with a number of popular
many song have that it is but the one i know is. yo gabba babba.
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