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To find out the singer of any song, visit www.who-sang-that-song.com/, that shows all the popular songs, there release dates and the singers or musicians who sang them.
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The song "Rock On" was performed by a man by the name of David Essex. This song was released to the public in the year 1974 and was written for the movie "That'll Be
Johnny Lee got his start playing covers in bars. The artist Johnny Lee was the man who sang the country song, "Lookin' For Love. Born John Lee Ham on July 3, 1946, in Texas City
Atlanta rymthum Section.
Antonio Carlos Jobim.
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I sang it! and horribly in the shower I might add. I should probably take some singing classes, but that would do no good because I am just horrible, period. ...
'This is My Song' was sung by Petula Clark for the movie A Countess from Hong Kong in 1967. She was born in Surrey, England on November 15, 1932. At the age of ...
This Is It is a song which was written by American musician Michael Jackson and Canadian singer Paul Anka. The track was premiered worldwide on Jackson’s ...
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