Who Sells Discontinued Ceramic Tile?


Discontinued ceramic tile can be found at some liquidation stores. Sometimes, though, no one will sell it. This is because it is discontinued, people may not be allowed to sell it.
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1. Inspect the back of a tile for the manufacturer's markings. If you don't have a spare tile to examine, remove a broken tile from the floor. If you are looking for discontinued
There are many stores that sell ceramic tile cutters. These stores include home improvement stores such as Home Depot and Lowells. However one can also purchase this product from
Ceramic tile has been made by man for 4000 years. General use was not in place until the 2nd half of the
People who make Mosaic art buy use and broke tiles for their projects. Advertise locally or on e-bay.
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Tile Review
Tile flooring is a less expensive alternative to stone and offers some of the same benefits and drawbacks. Tile is made from a... Read More »
Est. Price: $8
Elegant look
, Adds to home's resale value
, Easier to install than stone
Can crack or chip
, Can be cold and slippery underfoot
, Hard and noisy
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