Who sells Rit dye?


Walmart and other department stores sell Rit dye. You can also buy the dye from Amazon or most fabric stores.
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Any acid aniline-type dye can be used to dye pysanky. You can buy acid dyes meant to dye wools and silks from many distributors on line. Some carry large numbers of different dyes
I've seen Rit carried in Wal-Mart, but your best bet is to go to a craft store. If you have a Joann or Michaels, try that out first.
The only place I have ever found it was in Hell in the Caldeum Bazaar, the vendor in the top left sells it. I am not sure if it is randomly generated or not. Act 2 , not in the camp
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Rit Dye, a fabric and craft dye, is available at major retailers nationwide. The dye, in both powdered and liquid form, can also be purchased from the Rit Dye website. Rit Dye has many applications other than fabric dyeing, and can be used to color wood, paper, plastic, or feathers.
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