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The song 'memories' was sung by Jose Carreras. It was composed by Herman Hupfield, Johnny Mandel, Giacomo Puccini and was released in 2001 under the Philips label. It was recorded in stereo form and is 1hour and 6minutes long.
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Yeah (yeah)
All the crazy shit I did tonight
Those will be the best memories.
I just wanna let it go for the night
That would be the best... More >>
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"Memories Are Made Of This" was a hit for Dean Martin in 1956.
Slipknot sings the song "Dead Memoris' Thanks for using
"Dead Memories" is the third single from heavy metal band Slipknot's fourth album, "All Hope Is Gone".
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Memories song, which in full is titled; Memories Are Made of This, is a song that was recorded by Dean Martin. This song was released in 1956 and it is contained ...
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Sounds like Zooey Deshanel. ...
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