Who Sings the Song Celebration?


The song 'Celebration' was first sung by the group Kool & the Gang in 1981 from their album Celebrate. The song was then covered by Irish rock band U2 in 1982. It was also covered by Madonna in 2009 and contained in her self-titled album.
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I think you wanna come over
Yeah I heard it through the grapevine
Are you drunk? Are you sober?
(Think about it)
Doesn't matter More >>
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Kool & The Gang sing the song "Celebration". There's a really neat video of them
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The song with the words 'celebrate good times' is from a Kool & the Gang song called 'Celebration'. It was a number one hit for many weeks and has been used ...
The song that says, celebrate good times come on, is actually called, Celebration. the song was known as a groovy disco song and it even appear in the Muppet's ...
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