Who Sings the Song Dance with Me?


The song 'Dance with Me' has been covered by many artists and one of them is Alphaville. Alphaville's version was first released in 1986 featuring in the album Afternoons in Utopia and was also covered in their 2001 remix album Forever Pop. Others artists who have released Dance with me are 112, Debelah Morgan, Zoli Ådok, Justice Crew and Hot Rod.
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Too much is on your mind
Gotta let it go
Can't worry all the time
Just let it flow
Say you need a break More >>
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"Dancing in the Moonlight" was sung by King Harvest, in 1973. It's a one hit wonder. You can find One Hit Wonders DVD specials advertised all the time on shopping networks
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The popular 1980s song "Lets Dance" was performed by David Bowie.
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Dancing in the moonlight is a song by Kings Harvest, a 1970s band from America. The song, which is in the album of the same title, was a major hit in the 1970s ...
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