Who Sings the Song Forever?


There have been many songs released by the name 'Forever' over the years with a variety of singers including Chris Brown, Drake, Josh Pyke and others. The most popular of these songs by different artistes is the one done by Drake featuring Kanye West and Lil Wayne, all popular American rappers.
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One, two, three, four
Hey (eh)
Hey (eh)
Forever... More >>
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The Ebonys.
Bob Dylan released the track 'Forever Young' in 1974. Later, Rod Stewart rerecorded the track and placed it on his album 'Out of Order' in 1988.
"Forever" is a single by hip-hop artist and rapper Drake. The song features verses by
Many artists sing a song titled "Forever." Some of them are Chris Brown, Drake, and Vertical Horizon.
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The writers of the song forever young are; Kevin Savigar, Rod Stewart and Jim Cregan. The song was first sung by Rod Stewart on May 23 1988. In recent times, the ...
Luther Vandross sung the song always and forever. Luther Vandross was born in April 20th 1951; he was an American singer and songwriter. He sold over 25 million ...
Billy Joe Shaver sings the song 'Live Forever'. It begins with the lyrics: I'm gonna live forever, I'm gonna cross that river, I'm gonna catch tomorrow now' ...
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