Who Sings the Song I Believe?


There are several songs titled 'I Believe' by different artists. First, there is the 1982 release by Chilliwack, which was followed by another in 1991 by EMF. There have been several other releases from the 90s, but the recent ones are the one by Fantasia in 2004 and another Nikki by Yanofsky in 2010.
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There comes a moment when my heart must stand alone
On this lonely path I've chosen
Like a house that's not a home
Sometimes when I feel I've had enough
And I feel like giving up... More >>
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There are a number of different artists who have songs out with the name 'I Believe.' Among them are Blessed Union of Souls, Fantasia Barrino, Yolanda Adams and Brooks and Dunn. Popular
Believe is sung by multi-talented singer and songstress Cher.
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