Who Sings the Song in the Kia Commercial?


There have been several songs used in the Kia commercials. The latest Kia commercial is from 2013 and is a remix of a song by Axwell. The remix song is titled 'In My Mind' and was originally written by Ivan Gough.
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The song is Mr. Sandman, sung by The Chordettes, and was one of their biggest hits in the '50s.
which one? this one is joe purdy 'can't seem to get it right' http://youtube.com/watch?v=IitjbUD_VUc.
The song on the KIA Soul commercial with the
The Heavy sings the song How Do You Like Me Now in the Kia Sorento commercial!
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There are a variety of Kia commercials out there. One of the commercials uses a South African Band called Goldfish and they sing their song Fort Knox.
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