Who Sings the Song in the Kia Commercial?


There have been several songs used in the Kia commercials. The latest Kia commercial is from 2013 and is a remix of a song by Axwell. The remix song is titled 'In My Mind' and was originally written by Ivan Gough.
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You might mean the Mitsubishi Outlander commercial. If so the band is The Prototypes - The song is "Je Ne Te Connais Pas" You might mean the Mitsubishi Outlander commercial
which one? this one is joe purdy 'can't seem to get it right' http://youtube.com/watch?v=IitjbUD_VUc.
The song on the KIA Soul commercial with the
The song on the Kia commercial with Sock Monkey was "How You Like Me Now" by The Heavy. Want the lyrics?
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There are a variety of Kia commercials out there. One of the commercials uses a South African Band called Goldfish and they sing their song Fort Knox.
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