Who Sings the Song the Ride about Dale Earnhardt?


Tony Martin sings the song The Last Ride. It was written as a tribute to Dale Earnhardt, Sr. after a fatal accident ended his life while racing in the Dayton 500 on February 18, 2001.
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"The Ride," a tribute to racing legend Dale Earnhardt
Answer This is a mix of the original Lynyrd Skynyrd song and a version that Rev Run mixed. Lynyrd Skynyrd - Sweet Home Alabama Rev Run - Home Sweet Home
MAAYBE You are talking about Garth Brook's "The Dance"
"Ridin' with the Legend," a tribute to Dale Earnhardt, released in March 2004 by Bryant. Need lyrics?
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Dale Earnhardt was a NASCAR racer and had won several championships. The song Ride was dedicated to him upon his death. The singer was Hank Williams, Jr. ...
Tony Martin sings the song 'The Last Ride (A Dale Earnhardt Tribute)'. Earnhardt died February 18th, 2001. ...
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