Who sings the song about Dale Earnhardt called "The Last Ride?"


The Dale Earnhardt tribute song "The Last Ride" is sung by country music singer and songwriter Tony Martin. The song tells the story of a man who is walking to Daytona Beach, Florida, to watch a NASCAR race when the late driver pulls up and lets him hitch a ride. Earnhardt died during a race in Daytona Beach in 2001.

Martin has written over 12 number one country hits, including "Third Rock from the Sun," by Joe Diffie and "Just to See You Smile," by Tim McGraw. His first song written for a major recording artist was "Baby's Gotten Good at Goodbye."

Before becoming a full-time songwriter, Martin worked as a reporter for Time magazine. His musical success led him to Nashville where he wrote songs and worked part-time for "The Tennessean" newspaper before signing a contract with Sony/ATV Music Publishing.

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