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You can find the title of a song by lyrics online at websites such as elyrics.net and findmeatune.com. You will be required to type in a few lyrics to search for the song title.
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The Rolling Stones She's A Rainbow.
The name of the song is
Hi Zukiswa, The song you seek is called "With Pen In Hand" by American singer Dorothy Moore. It was a hit in 1978 which peaked the Billboard R&B at # 12. Her other notable
The title of that song is Little Lion Man sang by Mumford & Sons. A fan says the song is from the mans who sings heart to him self.
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At http://findmeatune.com/ you can find out the musician who has sang a particular kind of song by even entering a few words. Even if you know a few words, type them in and the results are brought back with the name of the song, the artist and a link to the full lyrics.
The only way through which you can establish a song is using search engines and ensuring that you either have the lyrics or the artist's name. Some of the websites you can use are such as Lyrics, azlyrics, metrolyrics and songfacts.
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