Who Sits at the Left Hand of God?


Gabriel sits at the left hand of God. He is usually shown as a majestic figure, richly attired, sometimes wearing a crown and bearing a sceptre and is the angel of incarnation, conception and birth and of dreams. Jesus Christ is said to sit on the right hand side of God.
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No one. Christ sits on the right hand of God, interceeding for the believers when they die. Enemies of God, the "goats" [Matt. 25:33] have no intercessor between them and
Unknown, but if you recall, brothers James and John argued over and requested the honor.
The Left Hand of God (1955) is a film about a Catholic mission in China, starring
The Trinity is God Jesus and the HolySpirit. Jesus is on the right hand the Holy Spirit is on the left
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The Bible does not say who sits at the left hand of God, but the Book of Enoch says that angel Gabriel sits there.
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