Who Uses Certegy?


Certegy, which is a check verification company, is used by many major retail outlets. The list includes Wal-Mart, Best Buy, Target, and K-Mart. A full list of stores can be found at the link. You can find out more information here: edge.networkworld.com
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Unfortunately, that will be a porpietory list, a well kept secret unless the Certegy customer chooses to reveal it. If you have difficulty with Certegy, they have quite an online
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how the hell am i supposed to know!
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Certain businesses who accept checks are the ones who use Certegy. Some are merchants that you would shop with and some are businesses that you would pay for services. There are several companies that offer the same services as Certegy so you can check with the business to confirm who they use.
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Certegy is a check verification service that businesses and merchants use to make sure that a customer's check won't bounce. Usually, when you go to a merchant ...
The Reason 2 code with business check cashing with Certegy, Inc. means that there is another reason for denial. This generally has something to do with being a ...
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