Who Uses Microscopes in Their Jobs?


Scientists of various disciplines use microscopes in their jobs. From biological scientists, who may use them when examining blood samples, to physicists, who can use them for examining magnetism at an atomic level. The types of microscopes include, light or optical microscopes, stereoscopes and electron microscopes.
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Who Uses Microscopes in Their Jobs?
Microscopes magnify objects not normally visible to the human eye. A number of professions in the fields of biology, chemistry, zoology, criminal justice, medicine and more use microscopes on a daily basis. These jobs most often take place in... More »
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Doctors and nurses may use microscopes to look at samples to help treat patients. For example, a urine sample can be examined for the presence of blood. A histologist studies cell
the jobs that use microscopes are generally the medical research centers,medical institutions(like Harvard medical school,WHO) for the research of microorganisms that cause diseases
Using a microscope is a fairly easy thing to do. There are multiple parts of a microscope, but in order to use on properly you just truly need to know a few basic parts. The eyepice
1 Take the traveling microscope out of its case, if it is not already set up. Place it on a flat surface such as a table. Ad 2 Choose an item to inspect from your surroundings. Place
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The limitations are inherent in their design. They use light, which is of a long wavelength, to create their magnifying effects. As a result, the small, almost ...
Microscopes are important for scientific research and education. Their ability to produce a larger image of an object has led to medical discoveries that have ...
The microscope was partly invented by two Dutch spectacle makers, Zaccharias Janssen and his father Hans in 1590. Galileo heard of their experiments and started ...
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