Who Was Born in 1958?


The following is a list of famous people that were born in 1958: Gary Oldman, Holly Hunter, Jamie Lee Curtis, Jennifer Tilly, Kevin Bacon, Kevin Sorbo, Madeleine Stowe, Madonna, Michael Flatley, Michael Jackson, Michelle Pfeiffer, Scott Hamilton and Steve Case.
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My dad was born in 1958 he was born on May 27th 1958 he is 51 years old.
The Argentine Diligente quintuplets were born in 1958: Franco, Carlos
It is not possible since astrological matters are purely fantasy. They have no effect on real life. All these people were born on this day: 1958 – Thurston Moore, American musician
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Ellen Degeneres, Michael Jackson, Scott Hamilton, Madonna and Michelle Pfeiffer are some of the famous people who were born in 1958. Others include; Tim Burton ...
There is quite a number of celebrities that were born in 1958, and they include Kevin Bacon, James McDaniel, Ted McGinley, Daniel McVicar, Julio Medem, Phil Morris ...
Self in 1958 is a poem that was written by Anne Saxton. She was born on November 9, 1928 in Newton, Massachusetts and died on October 4, 1974 in Weston, Massachusetts ...
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