Who Was Britains First 2 Million Pound Footballer?


The first million pound signing in English football was Trevor Francis. This was in February 1979 after Nottingham Forest paid Birmingham 1.18 million pounds to acquire his services.
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The first British footballer to have his first million pounds was Trevor John Francis. Francis is remembered as having won the European cup with Nottingham Forest. He got many honours such as Central Division of the American Conference.
Trevor John Francis was England's first £1 million footballer. He won the European Cup twice with Nottingham Forest and played for England 52 times. He has also been a football manager and is now working as an analyst with Al Jazeera Sports.
Britain's first 2 Million Pound footballer was Trevor Francis. Thirty two years ago Francis was a striker but for him there was no chopper ride from Birmingham City to Nottingham Forest and no adulatory welcome from Brian Clough.
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Trevor Francis was England's first million pound player when he joined Brian Clough's Nottingham Forest from Birmingham in February 1979.
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The first million pound football player in England was Trevor Francis. This happened in 1979 when he was a player for Birmingham City. He signed with the Nottingham ...
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