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Originally, Great Britain was called ‘Albion’ by the Romans, who invaded Britain in 55BC, but this later became ‘Britannia’. The word ‘Britannia’ is derived from ‘Pretannia’, the term that the Greek historian Diodorus Siculus (1BC) used for the Pretani people, who the Greeks believed lived in Britain. Those living in Britannia would be referred to as Britanni.
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Britannia is a personification of Britain often shown seated with a lion at her feet, as on the 50 pence coin. She was invented by the Romans 2,000 years ago and is seen as the goddess of war and passion. She has been on the back of the fifty pence coins since 1672 but won't be for long because of a new government campaign, for a new design.
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Britannia is an allegorical figure for (or personification of) Britain, often shown seated with a lion at her feet, as on the 50 pence coin. She was first invented by the Romans 2,000
Britannia was the term used by the Romans to refer to the Roman province covering much of the
Aida Edemariam: We only ask because it seems that she will shortly be disappearing from the nation's pockets. In April Britain's coins are undergoing a radical design overhaul.
n. A white alloy of tin with copper, antimony, and sometimes bismuth and zinc that resembles pewter and is used in utensils and tableware.
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Britannia is an ancient term for Great Britain. It is also a female personification of the island, and it is derived from the Greek word Prettanike or Brettaniai ...
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