Who Was Edmund Campion?


Edmund Campion was a Catholic saint who became a martyr when he was killed for his beliefs. Campion was born in London and was raised as a Protestant, but in his heart he felt that he was a Catholic. He became a wanted man when he wrote a document entitled 'Ten reasons for the Catholic Faith', was captured while in England and hanged as a traitor.
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Edmund Campion was born on January 24, 1540.
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Like many other Catholic priests and leaders who were executed during the Tudor realm, Edmund Campion (1540-1581) was also executed for his pro-Catholic beliefs. A brilliant scholar
Edmund Campion was a Catholic priest in England during Penal Times (when it was illegal to be a Catholic) and was martyred in London on 1 December 1581. He is a Saint of the Catholic
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Edmund Campion was executed because he refused to reject his Catholic faith. Born on 24th January 1540 he was committed to the Tower of London and was questioned ...
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