Isadora Duncan?


Isadora Duncan was a dancer born in Oakland, California in 1877. She is considered by many to be the creator of modern dance. When Isadora died, six of her most talented students finally settled in the United States.
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Isadora Duncan
Born: May 26, 1877
Birthplace: San Francisco, California
Died: September 14, 1927
Isadora Duncan was an American dancer and choreographer best known as a pioneering figure in the creation of modern dance.
Isadora Duncan is a historical figure born in Oakland, California in 1877, who founded schools of Duncan dance in France and Germany. She died on September 19, 1927 in France when her scarf got entangled in the rear wheel of a convertible car and she was strangled.
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Isadora Duncan is a well known American dancer. For most of her life, she was only popular in the United States in the New York area, however she was loved through most of Europe.
isadora and ducan died by the great unknown along with their brother quigley and the withershins family
Dance legend Isadora Duncan passed away in a very unfortunately freak automobile accident. There have been conflicting results as to exactly which injuries she passed away from. You
Isadora Duncan "Dancing is the worlds favorite
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Isadora Duncan was a well known dancer who found classical ballet to be strict and therefore introduced her own style of dancing often considered to be modern ...
Isadora Duncan was killed in an automobile accident. The silk scarf she had wrapped around her neck accidentally got entangled around one of the automobile's front ...
The film 'Isadora' was made in 1968 and it was directed by Karel Reisz. The film is cantered on the biography of the dancer Isadora Duncan, who was a 1920s dancer ...
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