Who were the king and queen when William Shakespeare was alive?


There was a king and a queen during Shakespeares time: Queen Elizabeth, who died in 1604, and King James 1
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William Shakespeare(April,1564,died April 23, 1616).Hence,Elizabeth the I until 1603, James the I until 1625. Charles the I until 1649,lastly Charles II.
Edward I also known as 'Longshanks' (Long Legs or Tall One) Note that contrary to the film. Braveheart. Wallace died two years before Edward I.
As she became Queen in 1558, Elizabeth 1 was on the throne when Shakespeare was born in 1564. Shakespeare died in 1616, in the 13th year of the reign of James 1. Anonymous
Phillip is the biological father of Charles. Once Elizabeth passes then Charles becomes King. William becomes King after Charles. Phillip is the consort of the Sovereign. Consorts
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