Who is Nancy Sinatra's mother?


Nancy Barbato Sinatra is Nancy Sinatra's mother. Born on March 25, 1917, in Jersey City, N.J., the elder Sinatra's given name was Nanicia Barbato. She married crooner Frank Sinatra in 1939.

Nancy Barbato Sinatra had three children with Frank Sinatra: Nancy, Franklin and Christina; however, Frank Sinatra was linked to various starlets during the marriage. He had an affair with Ava Gardner, and in 1950, Nancy Barbato Sinatra was granted a legal separation due to mental cruelty. The couple divorced in 1951. As part of the divorce settlement, Sinatra agreed to pay his ex-wife 10 percent of his gross income until she passed away or remarried. She has not remarried.

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She is the daughter of singer/actor Frank Sinatra from his first wife, Nancy Barbato.
1) Francis Albert Sinatra was Natalie Catherine (Dolly) Garavente . 2) Franklin Wayne Emmanuel Sinatra is ( or was ) Nancy Rose Barbato . I don't really know if she's till alive .
Nancy Sandra Sinatra, born June 8, 1940, is an American singer/actress & daughter of Frank Sinatra. Ask us!
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