Who Was Nelson Mandela and What Did He Do?


Nelson Mandela was the President of South Africa in 1994 and stepped down in 1999. He was jailed for 27 years and played a leading role in the drive for peace in other spheres of conflict. He was freed in 1990 and won the Nobel Peace Prize in 1993.
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Nelson Mandela was South Africa's 11th president and its first democratically elected president. Before this, he protested against apartheid by leading the African National Congress (ANC) and was jailed for 27 years. In 1993, three years after his freedom from the confines of jail, Nelson Mandela was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize.
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Nelson Mandela’s religious beliefs are founded in Christianity. A number of his relatives were Jehovah's Witnesses, including his first wife Evelyn Mandela ...
Nelson Mandela, one of the famous icons of the modern history, organised non-violence protest action against apartheid in South Africa. He was imprisoned for 38 ...
According to Nobel Prize.org, Nelson Mandela was a prominent leader in the South African anti-Apartheid movement and the nation's first president in the post-Apartheid ...
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