What Is the Name of Pocahontas Mother?


Pocahontas' mother was unknown. She was one of the wives belonging to Pocahontas's father, Powhatan, a paramount chief of Tsenacommacah community in Virginia. Pocahontas was a Virginian Indian born princess who played a big role in ensuring safety of the English Settlements in Tidewater, Virginia.
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Pocahontas, daughter of the leader of the Powhatan, who had many wives. It remains
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The mother of the real Pocahontas died sometime before the English arrived. That's about all we can say with certainty. The English never mention her in any source that I have read,
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Parent of Pocahontas: Chief Powhatan
Children: had a son, Thomas Rolfe
Pocahontas was the nickname of Mataoaka, a young emissary between native tribes and English setters in North America's early Colonial period. Pocahontas was the daughter of Powhatan, an important chief of several tribes of Algonquian Indians in the C... More>>
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Yes, Pocahontas had ten sisters and twenty brothers. When she was born, she lived with her mother before living with her father and other siblings at the right ...
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