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Rene Descartes was a famous French mathematician, scientist and philosopher. He was arguably the first major philosopher in the modern era to make a serious effort to defeat scepticism. His views about knowledge and certainty, as well as his views about the relationship between mind and body, have been very influential over the last three centuries. He was the first to describe the physical universe in terms of matter and motion, seeing the universe as a giant mathematically designed engine.
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René Descartes
Born: March 31, 1596
Birthplace: La Haye, France
Died: February 11, 1650
René Descartes was a French philosopher and mathematician who is dubbed the "Father of Modern Philosophy" and created the Cartesian coordinate system.
Rene Descartes is the father of modern philosophy. Besides being a philosopher, he was also a renowned French mathematician and scientist. He gained the name father of modern philosophy through his numerous philosophical publications which are widely used in research.
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Rene Descartes was a philosopher and scientist who believed that science and math could explain everything in nature and who coined the phrase "Cogito, Ergo Sum" or "
Cartesian co-ordinate system.
Rene Descartes was born on March 31, 1596 and died on February 11, 1650. He is known as
rene descartes: French philosopher and mathematician
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Rene Descartes has been thought by many as the first great modern philosopher. One of his most famous achievement is his finding the connection between algebra ...
Rene Descartes main contribution to society was that he formulated the Cartesian coordinates. He is also considered the father of analytical geometry. ...
Rene Descartes, also known as Renatus Cartesius, was a French philosopher who has been dubbed the Father of Modern Philosophy. In fact, Descartes' novel ...
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