Who Was Robespierre?


Robespierre’s full names were, Maximilien François Marie Isidore de Robespierre. He was one of the best known and most influential figures of the French Revolution. He largely dominated the Committee of Public Safety and was instrumental in the period of the Revolution commonly known as the Reign of Terror, which ended with his arrest and execution in 1794.
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Robespierre was influenced by 18th century Enlightenment philosophes such as Jean-Jacques .
He remained unmarried but Elenore Duplay was his mistress.
Robespierre was a fixture in the French Revolution and headed up the Committee of Public Safety. Many attribute Robespierre to France's "Reign of Terror".
A leader in the french revolution
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Maximilien Robespierre
Influenced by Jean-Jacques Rousseau, Robespierre went from being active in the National Assembly of France to being a leader of the Jacobins during the French Revolution. Called "The Incorruptible" because of his self-described moral virtue, he... More »
Name at Birth: Maximilien François Marie Isidore de Robespierre
Born: May 6, 1758, Arras, France
Died: July 28, 1794
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Robespierre was a French lawyer and politician who became one of the most influential figures of the French Revolution in the 16th century. He led and mobilised attacks on the French monarch system and advocated for democratic reforms. Robespierre was the first deputy for Paris to the National Convention that declared France a republic and put the king on trial for treason.
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