Who was the First Person to Invent a Car?


The first car which was powered by steam was invented by Ferdinand Verbiest in the year 1672. The first electric car was invented by Robert Anderson and the first gasoline-petrol car was invented by Karl Friedrich Benz in 1885/1886. You can find out more information here: www.malaysiaminilover.com
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It is my understanding that Samuel Morey invented the first car using the internal combustion "gas or vapor" engine in 1826. However, many beleive that Karl Benz actually
Inventor Sturtevant designed the 1904 Automatic Tourer that featured an internal combustion engine, a 3-speed semi-automatic gearbox, automatic lubrication and vacuum brakes. The
If you mean the first physical car to exist, the inventor would be the
The question "who invented the personal computer?" is an interesting one. As you well know, what would be considered a personal desktop computer today differs greatly from
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