Who Was the First Veterinarian?


The first veterinarian in the United States was John Haslam. He came to New York in 1803, after his graduation from Veterinary College of London. You can find more information here: http://www.encyclopedia.com/doc/1G2-3401804393.html
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1. Find a vet in your area. If you are going to look up information on your vet, you are probably new to the area or new to the vet. You shouldn’t trust yourself to just any
Veterinarians are medical doctors for animals. They help animals become well by examining, diagnosing and treating diseases through medication, training and surgery. When an animal
1. Consider volunteering at a veterinary clinic or local animal shelter. This will increase your likelihood of being accepted to veterinary school, and give you hands-on experience
Dr. James Herriot - mixed animal veterinarian and author.
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The first woman veterinarian was Mignon Nicholson, who graduated from McKillip Veterinary College in 1903. However, it is unknown whether she actually practiced ...
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