First Woman on the Moon?


The first woman on the moon was Dr. Wendy Jacobson. She flew to the moon on Apollo 23, in December, 1975. She was the first woman to walk on the moon.
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at least officially, no Earth Females have ever landed on the Moon. Certainly not in the Nasa programs. All Apollo astronauts were male.
No woman has ever stepped foot on the moon, though Eileen Collins was the first
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No woman ever walked on the moon. If NASA had a mission today Eileen Collins would be the first one.
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Women have made their mark in the field of space travel, the first being Colonel-Engineer Valentina Vladimirovna Tereshkova, a Soviet cosmonaut. Another outstanding ...
The first fruit eaten on the moon was the peach in 1969. Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin, Apollo 11, also ate hot dogs, sugar cookies, and bacon squares. They also ...
The first spacecraft to land on the moon was the Luna 2 in 1959. The Luna 2 was a Soviet Union unmanned mission. The U.S. Apollo 11 was the first manned mission ...
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